Beware the mysterious black magic of The Cloud. That’s the technophobic subtext of the raunchy new comedy Sex Tape—at least, as far as we can tell from the red band trailer above. Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz play spouses who attempt to spice up their love life by trying out every move in The Joy Of Sex and filming the entire three-hour adventure. Because computers are at best confusing and at worst malicious, their dirty home video automatically uploads to the Cloud. Determined to shelter their friends and families from this private epic, the two scramble to destroy the iPads they’ve given to friends and family, which are apparently synced to their iCloud account or something. (The Cloud works in mysterious, terrifying ways.)

Directed by Jake Kasdan (Bad Teacher, Orange County), this sobering cautionary tale about the dangers of not carefully monitoring your user settings arrives in theaters July 25. Expect a joke or two between scenes of anti-Cloud propaganda; the supporting cast includes Rob Corddry, Rob Lowe, and Ellie Kemper—all on hand to help you laugh while you learn about the evils of interconnectivity.