• Cramming every lazy stereotype about blacks into one lowbrow comedy
  • Subjecting audiences to a bit in which a blind man (John Witherspoon) attempts to finger-bang a stuffed potato he mistakes for female genitalia
  • Crassly exploiting anti-Muslim sentiment in an extended gag involving an Osama bin Laden look-alike.
  • Defender
    Director Jessy Terrero and cast members Tom Arnold, Godfrey, Kevin Hart, and Gary Anthony Williams
  • Tone Of Commentary
    Raucous, self-deprecating, wisecracking, and celebratory. The director and cast spend much of the commentary cracking up, either at the film's lame gags or at each other's comments. Arnold introduces himself as "Tom Arnold, alcoholic, addict." After nine minutes, he quips, "When's the comedy start?" Upon Snoop Dogg's entrance, Arnold urges the rapper, "Save our movie!" Hart waxes tongue-in-cheek about the acting challenges of the film's dramatic scenes, and isn't too modest to gush, "This is hilarious!" during some bits.
  • What Went Wrong
    Terrero was forced to cut his cameo as a passenger sitting next to an obese man.
  • Comments On The Cast
    Snoop Dogg improvised saying "testicles, one-two, testicles, one-two," marking the first time those words were ever uttered in place of "testing, one-two." The commentators are quick to point out that even though Williams plays an effeminate homosexual subtly named "Flame," he is really a strapping, deep-voiced heterosexual. Much humorous sport is made of Arnold's whiteness, as well as Hart's diminutive frame and George Jefferson strut.
  • Inevitable Dash Of Pretension
    During a tender scene between Arnold and his daughter, Hart insists that Soul Plane "has a lot of heart in it, man. It's not just a movie full of jokes. It's a movie with a story, you know, and emotion," not to mention…
  • Commentary In A Nutshell
    "Colt 45! Ain't a black movie without Colt 45, baby!" Hart joyously exclaims upon the appearance of the malt liquor.