A guide to what we’re barely putting up with this week.

The return of SyFy’s eminently watchable Project Runway-but-for-special-effects-make-up show, Face Off.  The first reality show where the phrase “working with latex” doesn’t have revolting connotations.

VH1’s surprisingly tame, unsurprisingly ridiculous Dating Naked. Sure, there are four people swimming naked on a group date, but it’s far less gross than the fantasy-suite episode of a season of The Bachelor.

Lucy. A.k.a. Scarlett Johansson Hopes You Haven’t Seen Limitless.

Hercules starring “Dwayne Johnson.” If there’s one time when it actually makes sense for an actor to call himself “The Rock,” it’s when he’s starring as a giant pile of muscles.

Preserve, Blake Lively’s attempt to have her own Goop. Nice try, Blake. But it helps to have a Paltrow-like frosty superiority when telling people which overpriced T-shirts, vinaigrette recipes, and Deepak Chopra books will help them live better lives.

DirecTV’s disconcerting puppet family. DirecTV has no wires, but more importantly it’s the number one cable provider for men who are married to marionettes.

Dispatches from Comic-Con. It’s the world’s largest convention of adults who actually care about seeing the trailer for Batman Vs. Superman an hour before it’s released to the general public online.