Scott Tobias steps in as guest host this week, and it perhaps isn't a coincidence we begin with something near and dear to his heart: the death of film. Not "film" as in "movies," but literally film, the stuff on which images are printed. With a couple major companies ceasing production of film cameras, the celluloid era is ending, and some of our house cinephiles are sad to see it go. Noel Murray wasn't necessarily saddened by the Matrix sequels, but his Down Is Up column suggested that fans gave them less of a chance because of the movies' more touchy-feely elements. Tasha Robinson disagrees, and we've recorded their surprisingly tame nerd slap-fight. Steven Hyden checks in with this month's best music before we close out with Extracurricular Activities.


: 31 - Scott, Noel Murray, and Tasha Robinson eulogize celluloid
13:00 - Noel Murray and Tasha Robinson wonder if sci-fi and fantasy fans are incapable of love
21: 46 - Steven Hyden talks about October's best albums
32:05 - Extracurricular Activities with Keith Phipps and Marah Eakin

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