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2 Days In The Valley

James Spader and Danny Aiello are hitmen hired to kill the ex-husband of an Olympic skier. It should be a simple job—but this is L.A.! Eventually, every facet of society the city deems interesting becomes involved, from art dealers to vice cops to sultry blondes, and they're all fated to meet in 2 Days In The Valley, a half-breed rip-off of Pulp Fiction and Short Cuts. The evergreen formula—taking apparently unrelated characters and slowly weaving their lives together while eventually causing them to emulate each other—comes off as contrived and coincidental. These people couldn't meet by chance more often if L.A. were Mayberry. Add to this some stupefyingly trite movie-criminal talk and behavior, predictable in-jokes about the city, and the casting of Aiello as an Italian from Brooklyn, and you've got a movieland-only phenomenon: a stupid movie that expects us to suspend our disbelief until it seems smart. Skip it and see some other movie that features two hired killers having a conversation in a car.


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