Warner Bros. and Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins rolled out two new promos for the upcoming comic-book movie. In the first, we learn how Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) got her name—she gets cut off by Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who doesn’t think her royal lineage will play as well among mere mortals. But we also see two very different sides of the villain Ares, who’s played by David Thewlis with perfect pomp in the first clip, but who shows a more fiery side in the promo below.


The fist emerging from flames is believed to be that of Ares, seeing as the image accompanies the “war” part of Diana’s voiceover. It’s not much, but we’ll take it, seeing as there hasn’t been nearly as much marketing for the first woman-led film in DC’s superhero franchise.

Wonder Woman will mark the dawn of justice on June 2.