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#21: Aspiring To Be Passable

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Seriously, A.V. Club, why do you hate everything so much? Actually, we don't. But Steven Hyden's review of Evanescence brought up something that's come up a few times over the years: Why review something you know you're going to hate? We give you the what for in the first segment. You know what no one should hate? The Muppets. The highly anticipated new Muppets movie has us picking out some of our favorite songs from their songography—and getting in a debate about the merits of The Muppet Movie vs. The Great Muppet Caper. After that, we check out some of the cheap, made-for-TV holiday films coming to the background of an awkward family gathering near you. We close out with Extracurricular Activities and a shocking revelation: Tasha Robinson has never seen an episode of Law & Order.


:59 - Steven Hyden, Tasha Robinson, and Todd VanDerWerff on reviewing stuff they'll likely hate
12:05 - Steven, Tasha, and Kyle Ryan pick some favorite songs from the Muppet songography
22:49 - Todd and Kyle check out the dreadful made-for-TV movies coming this holiday season to basic cable
37:15 - Tasha, Steven, and Marcus Gilmer share their Extracurricular Activities


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