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#22: Shame On Us For Putting All This Stuff Out

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It's December, so that means it's time for the deluge of year-end features from the media, including a flurry from us, from the best music, films, and television to podcasts, comedy albums, and more. Many media outlets have their "best of" lists wrapped up before December even starts—including us, at least with our music list—so we're wondering: What's the point of assessing a year before it's over? As a sort of preparation for our film list, Scott Tobias has people checking out The Arbor for a new segment called Homework. (Stick around for Josh Modell's pitch for a movie tailored perfectly to Scott's tastes.) The film theme continues after that, as we talk about some of our favorite lesser-heralded Woody Allen films. Extracurricular Activities closes things out as Tasha Robinson discovers a book series that's all frosting, no cake.


Programming note! We're starting on a biweekly schedule this week, so the next episode will be December 14th.


:00 - Intro
:47-11:20 - Steven Hyden and Scott Tobias discuss why we hand out "year's best" titles before the year's even over
11:29-20:08 - Homework: The Arbor with Scott Tobias, Tasha Robinson, and Noel Murray
20:12-21:27 - Josh Modell pitches the ideal Scott Tobias Movie: a glacially paced torture-porn flick
21:33-29:27 - Scott, Keith Phipps, and Nathan Rabin talk about their favorite lesser heralded Woody Allen films
29:38-39:34 - Extracurricular Activities with Keith, Scott, and Tasha

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