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#28: I Hate My Baby

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Chances are you won't hear a lot of people describing the new ensemble comedy Friends With Kids as "utterly repulsive," but that's how our Tasha Robinson found it, mostly because of the film's message, such as it is. What art has morally offended you, and how much of a role does that play in how you view it? That's where we kick things off in episode 28, before continuing down the "children ruin everything" path with Michael Ian Black, who reads from a chapter called "I Hate My Baby" from his excellent new book, You're Not Doing It Right: Tales Of Marriage, Sex, Death, And Other Humiliations. We stop beating up on kids—FOR NOW—in our third segment, where a listener asks what trailers we've liked better than the movies they advertised. Extracurricular Activities closes everything out, as usual.


:00 - Intro
:56 - Tasha Robinson, Noel Murray, Keith Phipps talk about art that conflicts their morals vis a vis Friends With Kids
18:30 - Michael Ian Black reads part of Chapter 10, "I Hate My Baby," from his new book You're Not Doing It Right
25:26 - Listener question: Trailers we liked better than the movie with Tasha, Keith Phipps, and Erik Adams
38:28 - Extracurricular Activities with Erik, Josh Modell, and Marcus Gilmer

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