A little bear cheers up the whole world in first trailer for Goodbye Christopher Robin

Disney is currently working on a live-action Winnie The Pooh movie called Christopher Robin that will focus on Pooh’s human friend growing up and losing touch with his imagination, but director Simon Curtis’ similarly titled film Goodbye Christopher Robin is far more straightforward. As seen in this trailer, Curtis’…

As Bruce Willis proves in Once Upon A Time In Venice, you can’t embarrass yourself if you don’t try


While there’s little chance that Bruce Willis will ever again get to work with the kind of material and behind-the-camera talent that helped make him a wiseass action star in the 1980s and ’90s, he tries the fourth or fifth next best thing with Once Upon A Time In Venice, a tiresome imitation of smart-alecky Shane…

Sins of the past come back to haunt a family in Cannes winner Harmonium


He appears like a ghost, standing ramrod-straight in his white dress shirt, lurking silently in the daylight. “You’ve lost weight,” says Toshio (Kanji Furutachi), the family man who greets him at the entrance to the garage. “Everyone loses weight in there,” goes the reply, and we understand instantly, before we’ve…