A terrific cast elevates the thoughtful, stripped-down sci-fi of Marjorie Prime


Sci-fi effects extravaganzas are a dime a dozen, but bona-fide sci-fi films—that is, movies that exemplify the so-called literature of ideas and not just the sci-fi aesthetic—are rare. Marjorie Prime, the offbeat indie stalwart Michael Almereyda’s thoughtful adaptation of a Pulitzer-nominated play by Jordan Harrison,…

Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds sneak only a little fun into The Hitman’s Bodyguard


The Hitman’s Bodyguard, which bears the tagline “Get triggered” and is essentially a dumber, tackier Midnight Run, was destined to be one of those Neanderthalic, faux-merican EuropaCorp action movies, like The Transporter or From Paris With Love­­—except fate fumbled, and the film ended up as a coasting-on-star-power…