A terrific cast elevates the thoughtful, stripped-down sci-fi of Marjorie Prime


Sci-fi effects extravaganzas are a dime a dozen, but bona-fide sci-fi films—that is, movies that exemplify the so-called literature of ideas and not just the sci-fi aesthetic—are rare. Marjorie Prime, the offbeat indie stalwart Michael Almereyda’s thoughtful adaptation of a Pulitzer-nominated play by Jordan Harrison,…

Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds sneak only a little fun into The Hitman’s Bodyguard


The Hitman’s Bodyguard, which bears the tagline “Get triggered” and is essentially a dumber, tackier Midnight Run, was destined to be one of those Neanderthalic, faux-merican EuropaCorp action movies, like The Transporter or From Paris With Love­­—except fate fumbled, and the film ended up as a coasting-on-star-power…

See Adam Sandler in an actual good movie in the first trailer for The Meyerowitz Stories

Every few years, some stray artistic impulse prods Adam Sandler to bring out the sad clown lurking underneath his normal angry clown, loud clown, and vacation clown performances, producing critically acclaimed films like Funny People or Punch-Drunk Love. Going off of the reception it got at Cannes, Noah Baumbach’s The