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A brotherly reunion takes a weird turn in this trailer for Manson Family Vacation

Manson Family Vacation foreshadows what it’s really about right there in the title, but for the first few moments of this trailer, it’s easy to consider the possibility that it’s referring to a different Manson family. You know, maybe one that didn’t commit horrible murders? We see Jay Duplass as a regular father living in Los Angeles, and he has a normal, terror-free life until his estranged brother (Linas Phillips) shows up out of the blue and decides to sleep in the backyard in a tent. It turns out the weirdo brother has a bit of a secret, though: He’s totally obsessed with Charles Manson, and he’s visiting his brother so they can travel around L.A. and visit where the murders happened, eat dinner where Sharon Tate did before she died, and meet up with other fans(?) of Charles Manson at creepy parties. We’re not sure what tone Manson Family Vacation is going for, but the trailer has some comedic bits (“Everybody freaks out when you bring up Charles Manson!”) combined with really unsettling touches (like the brother cackling with glee in the background while Duplass’ son comments on the cool dead body photos in his copy of Helter Skelter). Whatever the final product is like, we’ll be able to find out when it hits iTunes and On Demand services on October 6.


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