Snatch and Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels director Guy Ritchie has recently applied his signature frenetic style to two Sherlock Holmes adaptations and a revival of a ’60s spy show. Now he’s given the most legendary British king that same kinetic treatment, as star Charlie Hunnam showed off a trailer for the upcoming King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword at Comic-Con today.

Things start off with that old Ritchie flair, with Hunnam’s Arthur looking like a street-smart tough with a penchant for bare-knuckle boxing and giving lip to Game Of Thrones’ Charles Dance. But things get more traditional—and more explosive—in the trailer’s second half, after Arthur pulls Excalibur from its stone. It’s almost a shame; as much fun as it is to watch Sherlock Holmes’ Jude Law prowl around as an evil-looking king, there’s something weirdly engaging about the idea of a Guy Ritchie medieval crime caper flick.