Amanda Waller isn’t the biggest name in the DC Universe, but that’s exactly how she’d like it. “The Wall” is a puppet-master, a schemer, and a strategist who is so clever that the fact that she’s ostensibly a good guy somehow makes her even more intimidating. The upcoming Suicide Squad movie won’t be Waller’s first big-screen appearance (that would be Green Lantern, unfortunately), but it will finally feature her in her proper element, which is to say that she’ll be forcing supervillains to help save the world in exchange for not being violently murdered.

Up until now, most of the footage we’ve seen from David Ayer’s Suicide Squad has focused on the so-called “Worst Heroes Ever” who make up the eponymous team, but now IMDB has posted a clip that puts Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller in the spotlight. It’s short, and we still don’t really see her do anything, but the way that Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag reacts to her makes it clear that she is not somebody you want to mess with. As Will Smith’s Deadshot says, “that is just a mean lady.”


Suicide Squad will be in theaters on August 5.