Being a young person can be simultaneously exciting and terrifying. At least that seems to be the message in this trailer for White Girl, which tells the rather concise story of a college girl in New York who basically dives head first into a huge pile of cocaine. At least she seems to be having fun as her life spirals out of control, but the quick cuts, crying, and quotes from critics about how “shocking” and “gut-wrenching” the film is make it pretty clear that this is going to be one of those dramatic cocaine-fueled romps, and not one of those fun cocaine-fueled romps.

White Girl marks the feature debut of writer/director Elizabeth Wood, and it stars Morgan Saylor, Brian Marc, and Chris Noth. There’s also a guy who looks like Dustin Diamond, but that’s probably just Justin Bartha from the Hangover movies doing an uncanny Dustin Diamond impression. The movie will be in theaters this fall.