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A.V. Talk: Watchmen

A.V. Club Staff
Reasonable DiscussionsHere’s your weekly open thread. Thank you for making our site’s community vibrant, intelligent, and fun!

Here's a roundtable discussion about the new movie Watchmen as conducted by five A.V. Club staffers. Just to preemptively address some comments:

1. Yes, it's been a while.

2. Yes, we plan to do these more often.

3. Yes, we plan to offer them as a podcast on iTunes. We just want to get a few more under our belt.


4. That awesome intro music comes courtesy of our Web Producer Jesse Woghin, who music fans might remember from his time in The Narrator and Chin Up Chin Up.

5. Sadly, we really sound like that.

6. Spoilers? There are a few.

Download: "A.V. Talk: Watchmen"

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