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Adam Pally plays house with his one-night stand in Night Owls trailer

Adam Pally screws over his boss when he sleeps with the man’s jilted ex-mistress in the trailer for Night Owls. Pally stars as Kevin, a nice guy who wakes up in the middle of a one-night stand to find himself in the home of the local college’s football coach, who also happens to be his boss, Will (Peter Krause). Like everyone else in town, Kevin looks up to Will, so he immediately regrets having had sex with Madeline (Rosa Salazar), the aforementioned “other woman.” It seems she’s also regretting something, because she downs a bottle of Xanax at some point and ends up unconscious on the bathroom floor. Kevin is convinced by his supervisor (Rob Huebel) and a doctor (Tony Hale) to keep Will’s secret. But first he has to make sure Madeline stays awake and alive. Things go from bad to You’re The Worst as the two eventually learn that they have more in common than Kevin’s boss.


Directed by Charles Hood, Night Owls will be available in theaters and VOD on December 4.

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