Yes, there’s a new trailer for The Do-Over to contend with, but no, it won’t subject you to more scenes of David Spade in the throes of blank-faced passion. Spade’s teamed up with Netflix auteur and Western reviver Adam Sandler for another feature-length vacation video. The Do-Over stars Spade as Charlie, a sad-sack bank manager who loses the life he never really had or wanted when Max (Sandler) fakes their deaths. They assume the identities of some prominent citizens, including a doctor who’s married to Paula Patton’s character, in another state. But their Weekend At Bernie’s turns deadly when the people who snuffed out their “alter egos” return to finish the job (again). There’s also the revelation that Max wanted out of his life as much as Charlie did, though he’s unable to shake his past as easily.

The Do-Over premieres May 27 on Netflix.