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Adam Scott is the antichrist’s stepdad in the Little Evil trailer

Proving there’s still mileage in the old cliché about kids making your life hell, the new Netflix film Little Evil has a trailer implying that marrying someone who gave birth to the antichrist might make for some hiccups on your romantic journey together. Adam Scott stars as Gary, a guy who just married the love of his life, Samantha (Evangeline Lilly), and finds himself playing stepfather to her five-year-old son, Lucas. But a series of worrying events—including Lucas barking orders at him in a low, raspy growl, and watching the kid burn people alive—has him wondering if maybe Samantha’s kid may not just be the spawn of Satan. And really, her story about giving birth while she was part of a demonic cult doesn’t help matters.


It all looks like it has the potential to be some cheesy garbage, but along with the presence of Scott and Tyler Labine, the movie has one major asset suggesting this won’t be a warmed-over Omen parody: The film was written and directed by Eli Craig, the guy responsible for the equally genre-spoofing delight Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil, which was also a bit too cutesy at times, but delivered surprising laughs and gore. With luck, Little Evil will maintain enough darkness to counteract the sunny vibe. The movie arrives on Netflix September 1.

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