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Al Pacino is a cranky, washed-up actor in this trailer for The Humbling

Surely the best part of being an aging actor is getting the opportunity to play an aging actor in some kind of moody drama/dark comedy that exposes some tragic truth about the difficulty of being an aging actor. Michael Keaton is doing it in Birdman, and now Al Pacino is doing it in this trailer for The Humbling, director Barry Levinson’s adaptation of a 2009 Phillip Roth novel. The film version stars Pacino as Simon Axler, an actor who is struggling to keep his career going. Greta Gerwig co-stars as the “flirtatious lesbian” who starts dating him because she’s a fan of his work and also because having sex with a weird, old guy is totally a thing that hip, young people do. The Humbling also features Charles Grodin, Dianne Wiest, Kyra Sedgwick and Mandy Patinkin, and it’s currently running the film festival circuit.


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