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Bong Joon-ho’s ambitious, hyper-violent sci-fi adventure Snowpiercer has finally gotten its first official U.S. trailer, complete with all the wub-wubs, synth string arpeggios, and Hans Zimmer-style brass waaahs American audiences have come to know and love. It comes nearly a year after the film’s first international trailer, which was soundtracked by a knock-off of the Tron: Legacy score, rather than a knock-off of the trailer music for Inception.

The film—set in a dystopian future where what’s left of the world’s population is forced to live on a train powered by a perpetual-motion engine—was the subject of one of the most high-profile editing room battles in recent memory, with distributor Harvey Weinstein threatening to release a shorter cut of the film to American theaters. Ultimately, Bong got his way, but at the expense of a wide release.


Snowpiercer will open in limited release on June 27, and expand to more theaters later in the summer. Its crazy-quilt cast includes Chris Evans, Song Kang-ho, Ed Harris, Octavia Spencer, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, and Jamie Bell.

Also, we’ve already seen it. It’s really good.

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