Tiding Star Wars fans over between the Clone Wars animated series, which wrapped earlier this year, and Star Wars: Episode VII: Put Your Hand In The Hand Of The Han, will be Star Wars: Rebels. The CGI-animated series is similar in style to Clone Wars, except it’s produced by new Imperial overlords Disney for Disney’s family of cable channels.

While the story—which takes place in the years leading up to Star Wars: Episode IV: Let’s Just Call It Star Wars, It’s The Name Of The Damn Movie—doesn’t feature Luke, Han, or Chewie, this new trailer does promise some familiar faces. And it delivers, as modern-day CGI character design tends to smooth over any idiosyncratic elements when it comes to facial features, relying on blandly familiar shapes. As such, characters tend to fall into certain archetypal patterns; for example, teenage Rebels hero Ezra Bridger strongly resembles the hero of How To Train Your Dragon, along with several other animated characters we’ve seen in recent years.

Or maybe by “familiar faces,” they’re just talking about a brief appearance by those same two droids who, by an astonishing coincidence, are involved in every significant event in the entire galaxy over a 50-year-span, and yet will have no memory of any of this by the time they meet Luke Skywalker.


Anyway, there’s a lot to be enthusiastic about here, as the series looks to rely heavily on classic Star Wars elements—lightsaber battles; exploding TIE fighters, a young hero learning the Force alongside a cynical mentor (played by Freddie Prinze, Jr.); a menacing villain (Jason Isaacs); and not a midichlorian nor trade negotiation in sight. Also, there seems to be a female Boba Fett, which has surely made a million nerd voices crying out, in more or less the opposite of terror.

Rebels’ 16-episode first season will launch in October, with the premiere airing on the Disney Channel, and subsequent episodes playing on Disney XD.