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Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell are finger-choppin’ in Fuck Town in the red band trailer for The House

If there’s one thing that comedy movies and TV have taught us over the last five years, it’s that you should never be friends with a character played by Jason Mantzoukas. Sadly, the concerned parents played by Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell in the upcoming The House don’t heed that sage advice, and so they end up letting their wild-eyed buddy lure them into a world of suburban casino operation, complete with strippers, high-stakes fighting, and a dude getting his finger chopped off with an axe.

Today’s red band trailer for the film—out June 29—doesn’t hold back on the gore, as Ferrell and Poehler’s empty-nesters throw themselves wholeheartedly into their new roles. These “regular people descend into wacky debauchery” comedies seem to come along every few months—see last December’s Office Christmas Party—but few of them go this violently nuts, or have such high-profile talent swinging the axe.


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