The trailer for Goldie Hawn-Amy Schumer vehicle Snatched begins like your typical embarrassing parent comedy, as Hawn’s mom character slathers too much sunscreen on her adult kid (Schumer) and spits out a drink, mistaking the world “welcome” for “whale semen,” as you do. But then the pair’s South American vacation goes haywire when they end up getting kidnapped and have to find a way home.

Schumer’s in her standard hot mess mode—She washes her vagina in a public restroom’s sink! She’s called “puta,” a word she doesn’t know means “whore!”—while Hawn’s playing a doting, if dotty mother. The footage features a brief glimpse of Joan Cusack and Wanda Sykes, as well as a funny turn from Randall Park as Schumer’s asshole ex, but a bunch of high profile cast members are missing from the trailer including Christopher Meloni, Ike Barinholtz, an Colin Quinn.


Snatched hits theaters May 12. See it with your mother who likes pussy jokes.