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An angsty artificial being goes on a killing spree in the first full Morgan trailer

Once merely a script on the 2014 Black List, the sci-fi thriller Morgan now has a full-length trailer. Written by Seth W. Owen and helmed by first-time director Luke Scott (Ridley Scott’s son), Morgan tells the story of its titular artificial being, a synthetically made humanoid who evolves at a rapid rate. Morgan (played by The Witch’s Anya Taylor-Joy) starts to show signs of violence and resistance, and after a lethal accident, the company responsible for making Morgan brings in a corporate risk-management consultant, played by Kate Mara in a great suit, to figure out if it’s time to terminate Morgan.

According to the trailer, that doesn’t go so well. Paul Giamatti interviews Morgan, poking and prodding with questions about her quality of life and whether or not she enjoys the confined, prisoner-like conditions she lives in. Morgan does not seem to like it one bit. Hoodie up like an angsty teen, she’s quiet at first, but Morgan makes it very clear that she does not intend on being locked up forever. Showing signs of telekinesis and other advanced abilities, Morgan manages to break free and starts wrecking havoc on the small, secluded campus where she has grown up. And now that she’s on a murder spree, Morgan eerily says she’s starting to feel like herself. Yikes! With plenty of quick cuts, red light, and ominous sounds, the trailer leans into the horror-sci-fi genre, which tracks given the director’s father’s hand in producing.

Mara stars as the stern corporate troubleshooter facing off with Morgan throughout the film. Rose Leslie and Toby Jones also star, along with Jennifer Jason Leigh, who appears with a bloodied bandage strapped across her face in the trailer, which seems so very Jennifer Jason Leigh.


Morgan hits theaters on September 2.

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