Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube and Eric Stoltz are the key members of a film crew that goes up the Amazon to discover lost rainforest tribes. Along the way they rescue stranded snake rustler Jon Voight, who repays their kindness by ensnaring them in his plot to bag the largest anaconda ever captured. It's big, all right; the 80-foot snake whipped up by the computer-effects department is, not surprisingly, one of the most realistic things in the movie. A legless reptile three feet thick that eats living humans whole is much more believable than Ice Cube as an award-winning cinematographer or Eric Stoltz as just about anything. However, the audience's problems with suspending disbelief are nothing compared to those of Jon Voight, who wears a sleepy, confused look throughout his evil-obsessed-bastard performance. He probably can't believe that his film career has come down to playing the heavy in this cheap-looking sleepwalker of a movie.