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Andy Daly plays a principal under siege in the first Middle School trailer

Middle school is a particularly tough time for people—not quite children anymore, not yet teens, it truly is the awkward stage in development in which students wrestle with the onset of puberty and defining their identity. So what better setting for a wacky comedy that pits students against the administration? Especially if said middle school has a principal played by Review’s Andy Daly, in quintessential buttoned-down mode.


Entertainment Weekly premiered the poster and trailer for Middle School: The Worst Years Of Your Life today and it promises many a shenanigan as a new student (Griffin Gluck) contends with the restrictive rules of Principal Andy Daly…by breaking all of them! The film, from the mind of James Patterson, also features a murderer’s row of a supporting cast, including Lauren Graham, Rob Riggle, Retta, Efren Ramirez, and Adam Pally. No telling whether or not the crusty old principal will get his comeuppance and finally learn to mellow out, but it’s a safe bet that the tomfoolery will ultimately teach both Gluck and Daly important lessons about boundaries and being cool.

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life hits theaters not long after school starts on October 7.

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