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One of the most bizarre things about the Super Mario Bros. movie—which is full of bizarre things—is the way the filmmakers took familiar names and images from the video games and twisted them into a nonsensical dystopia of dinosaur people and sentient fungus. It’s like they had a list that said “Mario, Luigi, plumbers, mushrooms, Koopa” and that’s all they based the movie off of. Based on this teaser, The Angry Birds Movie doesn’t look quite that bad, but it also looks almost nothing like the popular series of mobile games that it’s based on. The familiar characters are there, including the red bird that doesn’t do anything special, the yellow dive-bomb bird, and the bomb-like black bird, but none of them are getting launched out of a slingshot in an attempt to kill pigs and destroy their homes. Other than the generic red one, the birds don’t even seem all that angry. Maybe they’ll get angrier when the imperialist pigs roll in and start colonizing the birds’ once-peaceful island, but this teaser barely even has pigs in it at all.

We’ll get a better idea of how closely The Angry Birds Movie resembles the games it’s based on when it hits theaters in May of next year. (With an ad-supported free-to-watch version coming to your TV at some point in the future.)


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