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Anthony Hopkins is up to all sorts of shenanigans in the Misconduct trailer

There’s all sorts of questions raised by the trailer for new thriller Misconduct, not least of which being, “Are we sure David Mamet didn’t ghostwrite this?” Because it certainly comes across like one of his screenplays, full of corporate intrigue, sexual politics, double-crosses, and all sorts of thorny plotting with blank-faced heroes and villains alike. Josh Duhamel stars as a young lawyer who takes on a case against a pharmaceutical company and one of its executives (Anthony Hopkins, doing his usual Anthony Hopkins thing), only to immediately get in over his head thanks to some dumb decisions, corruption, blackmail, and any other kind of unsavory business you could imagine. Malin Akerman, Al Pacino, Julia Stiles, and Alice Eve round out the cast. This looks like pulpy genre fun— hopefully without getting too stupid, although that’s never stopped a movie like this before. Misconduct comes out February 5.


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