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As all bad movies do eventually, Samurai Cop 2 goes to space with Tommy Wiseau

Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance may be breaking the rules by going to space (as The A.V. Club’s Becca James pointed out in her essay on American Horror Story, space is traditionally reserved for a franchise’s fourth installment), but considering that the first Samurai Cop skipped the “actual good movie” part of the equation and went straight for the “completely bonkers direct-to-video trash” phase, it’s clear that this is a movie that doesn’t need your rules, man. (Also, what better way to make a garage in Glendale look like anything but itself?)

What Samurai Cop 2 does care about is casting—as promised, original cast members Matt Hannon and Mark Frazer return as Joe Marshall, a.k.a. Samurai Cop, and his sidekick Frank Washington. However, this time Frazer is going to have some competition in the “wait, what did he just say?” department thanks to new costar Tommy Wiseau. In the trailer, Wiseau tries to go incognito in a mask and hat for his sword fight with Samurai Cop, but once he opens his mouth, there’s no mistaking him. Grizzled B-movie veterans Robert Z’Dar and Joe Estevez are also along for the ride, along with The Crow’s Bai Ling, Meatballs’ Kristine DeBell, and former porn stars Kayden Kross and Lexi Belle. Seymour Cassell, apparently, didn’t get a callback.

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