A.A. Dowd
Dec 17

Laughing at the first two photos here, which tell a story of Elizabeth Moss being arrested for violating a park’s no-smoking ordinance.

Nov 17

“Underwhelming” is a really nice way of putting it. I watched New Mutants a few weeks ago hoping it would be a good enough movie to just enjoy. The premise was ok, and the framing device of using Horror tropes was neat, but in the end it just wasn’t a strong movie. It felt more like Twilight with a thin coat of Read more

Sep 16

The structure of the film subtly underscores a disconnect between the rhetoric of change and the reality of how long it can take: While Walsh’s staff calmly, dryly debates how to address Boston’s high eviction rate, we meet a desperate man for whom the issue is far from theoretical.” Read more

Jan 13 2020

I finally watched the Joker this week and ended up feeling like it’s a weird movie to generate so much praise and hatred. For context I afterwards watched King of Comedy, and it struck me that what Joker misses is some sort of psychological and/or moral clarity about the character we’re watching. Without that it’s Read more

Dec 3 2019

Ooh thank you for this interview, Dowd! I saw Waves a few weeks ago and Harrison’s performance was mesmerizing (not to mention, he’s quite a looker). Now I really want to see Luce, as it seems to capture that same intensity. I hope he goes on to have a wonderful career.

Sep 7 2019

This is an amazing piece, and real food for thought for me. I never thought about why IT resonated so strongly with me, but I suspect I do now. Read more

Sep 6 2019

A good, brave piece of work. Kudos for writing it.

Sep 6 2019

Well done. Guess I need to pick the book back up again.

Sep 5 2019

I could have written this article. I was a little younger than you when I read It; I think about nine. My father was (is) an abusive alcoholic, and I used to jokingly explain my life with the comparison that while my friends’ families were like Full House, mine was more Roseanne—although that just captured the blue Read more

Sep 5 2019

This is damn good writing, A.A. It resonated with me in many ways. Like you, it seems, I grew up in a household that could be kindly described as volatile, under the thumb of a cruel and violent stepfather and a mother who encouraged and occasionally participated in what he did. And also like you, I first read IT at Read more