Tom Breihan
Mar 19

Ratatouille was the #11 highest grossing movie of the year. My weird invented arbitrary rules say that a movie has to be in the top 10 to get considered.

May 3 2019

I’m using a combination of Wikipedia and The Numbers, at least for now. (Box Office Mojo won’t reliably kick in for a while.) And I’m going with the movies that made the most money when they first came out. If it was cumulative, then 1961 would’ve easily gone to 101 Dalmatians. Read more

Apr 19 2019

The plan, when I’ve already written about the #1 movie, is to write about the #2 movie instead. (This won’t be a problem until 1981.)

Apr 19 2019

My original idea was to start in 1939, with Gone With the Wind, but A.A. Dowd convinced me that nobody wants to read about a whole bunch of random-ass ‘40s movies that don’t even get talked about anymore. 1960, as others have noted, is a pretty good intermediary point, a place where the studio system is still humming Read more

Nov 30 2018

Baltimore early 00s: Lungfish, Double Dagger, Charm City Suicides, Stars of the Dogon, Arbouretum, Cass McCombs, Cex, Wake Up on Fire, Labtekwon, Flowers in the Attic, Long Live Death, Human Host, Will Oldham when he was in town, Dan Deacon and the rest of the early Wham City thing, Beach House just starting out, tons Read more

Aug 10 2018

The plan is to bring back A History Of Violence at the end of the year, just to make sure 2018 is covered. And right now, I don’t see anything coming close to beating Fallout.

Jul 27 2018

Based on what I’ve seen thus far, the best pure action movie of the year is, like, Braven. Not a great half-year. I have high hopes for Mission: Impossible, tho. And for Jesse V. Johnson’s Triple Threat if and when that comes out.

Mar 9 2018

I think some stuff got taken out in editing. I had a whole Polito anecdote in there.

Oct 6 2017

Saw it in the theater when it came out and honestly remembered it as a heist movie. My bad.

Sep 22 2017

Dredd is THE SHIT but I can’t in good conscience write about it when The Raid is right there with the same plot but slightly better everything.