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Avengers: Age Of Ultron “final” TV spot helpfully reminds you about the Avengers

Perhaps worried that the fickle American public has already forgotten about Avengers: Age Of Ultron, the studio has released what is ostensibly the “final” trailer—essentially an extended TV commercial—in an effort to remind everyone that, hey, Avengers! Really, it’s more logical that the hungry maw of Avengers-starved consumers must be sated, and Marvel hopes this will do the trick for at least another week. Also there’s a lot more of Black Widow riding a motorcycle in this one, in case the first trailer (or this one, or this one, or possibly this one) didn’t satisfy everyone’s required Johansson-on-two-wheels requirements. (It’s likely nothing will, until she finally agrees to that remake of Xanadu we’ve been pitching.) All in all, it’s a minute and a half of our heroes punching robots in rapid succession, followed by a pithy one-liner from almost everyone in the cast, a description that will likely double nicely as a summary of the movie itself.


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