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Batman calls on Constantine in first Justice League Dark trailer

The first official trailer has been released for DC’s animated Justice League Dark movie. Justice League Dark explores what happens when demons and dark magic infiltrate Earth. The trailer wastes no time delving into the film’s darkness, opening with a rather terrifying—if cartoonish—demon attack. The Justice League isn’t quite equipped to deal with such mystical, paranormal forces, and Batman knows his flashy toys aren’t going to stop any demons. “Are you talking about magic?” Batman (voiced by Jason O’Mara) asks during a very important Justice League briefing on the demon situation. “Then we have to find John Constantine.”


And they do exactly that, also calling upon some of their other more magical super pals, like Zatanna (Camilla Luddington), Swamp Thing (Roger Cross), Deadman (Nicholas Turturro), and Etrigan the Demon (Ray Chase). Justice League Dark features Matt Ryan—who plays the live-action version of John Constantine—as the voice of the animated Constantine. Rosario Dawson and Jerry O’Connell also return as the voices of Wonder Woman and Superman, respectively. Though it starts with some demon murder, the trailer also has a lot of fun and takes a jab at Batman at the end. It looks like it will balance the darkness with some humor, as these DC animated films tend to do.

Justice League Dark will be released via digital download, DVD, and Blu-Ray in early 2017.

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