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Big Momma's House 2


• Making a sequel to a lowbrow, high-concept, fat-suit-dependent comedy that never should have been made in the first place


• Making that sequel at least half a decade too late

• Perpetuating hoary stereotypes by having a sassy black character teach uptight crackers to loosen up

Defenders: Director John Whitesell, producer David T. Friendly, actor Zachary Levi

Tone of commentary: Delusional, gushing, and self-congratulatory. When not chuckling at one another's strained wisecracks and lame inside jokes, the commentators pat themselves and each other on the back for making such a convincing, warmhearted, hilarious movie. They spend a great deal of time discussing specific details that add to what they consider the film's remarkable verisimilitude.


What went wrong: Since it took four hours for Lawrence to get into and out of the Big Momma makeup, the filmmakers only had a limited amount of time to shoot him in costume each day. Lawrence also tended to sweat through his makeup. Scenes were constantly being rewritten and punched up.

Comments on the cast: Everyone is singled out for praise, in addition to having their most prominent credits listed. Lawrence receives mad props for his improvisational genius and conviction.


Inevitable dash of pretension: Lawrence apparently gives "a real sense of truth" to his Tyler Perry-like caricature.

Commentary in a nutshell: In a typical bit of delusion, a commentator insists that one of the reasons their star is so uncannily convincing as a morbidly obese old woman is because Lawrence—who was banned from Saturday Night Live for an infamous routine critiquing female genital hygiene—"really understands how a woman thinks" and "gets into a woman's psyche."


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