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It’s beginning to look a lot like Ishtar in this new trailer for Rock The Kasbah, the upcoming film starring Bill Murray as a down-on-his-luck talent manager who travels to Afghanistan and discovers a great new singer. Unlike the first trailer, this one goes a little further into the story of just what the hell Murray’s seemingly feckless character does once he gets stuck in the country.

It seems he decides to help his talented new singer successfully perform on Afghan Star! (basically American Idol for Afghanistan), and people aren’t too happy about that idea. We also get a little more Zooey Deschanel and Bruce Willis, the latter of whom looks like he’s actually awake and engaged for a change. Here’s hoping Barry Levinson, the sporadically good director whose resume since the dawn of the 21st century has been notably lackluster (but does include the squirm-inducing horror film The Bay), manages to recapture the spark of incisive wit that marked his earlier comedies like Wag The Dog.


Rock The Kasbah comes out October 23rd.

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