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Billie Joe Armstrong plays a sad suburbanite in the Ordinary World trailer

You know what’s sad? When a dude used to be a cool white male rock star, and now he’s just a dad. That’s the premise of Ordinary World, the trailer for which was released today. In a bit of meta-casting, Green Day’s Bille Joe Armstrong stars as Perry Miller, a maudlin former band member depressed that he now works at a hardware store and has responsibilities like taking care of a child. In a Sixteen Candles-esque twist, his wife and daughter have forgotten his 40th birthday, so he gets a fancy hotel room, trashes it, and then, presumably, learns a lesson about how family is super important. Selma Blair plays the spouse that won’t have sex with him, and Fred Armisen is his rabble-rousing friend.

Green Day completists should note that there is also new music from Armstrong interspersed throughout the film. Ordinary World will mildly rock its way into theaters and onto VOD October 14.


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