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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

As the Christmas season is still nowhere in sight, making this a completely inappropriate time of year to tout holiday fare, what better opportunity to give the sneak preview of a disreputable avatar for the most wonderful time of the year? That’s presumably the thinking behind this teaser trailer for Bad Santa 2, the upcoming sequel to a movie that featured the best use of the phrase “fuck me, Santa” in cinematic history. There’s very little here to give insight into the story, beyond offering proof that Billy Bob Thornton’s Willie T. Stokes is still in the Santa business, and still not trying very hard.


We don’t know, for instance, if the film takes place in a world in which Bad Santa exists, and faces competition from all sorts of terrible human beings desperate to prove they, too can be shitty Santas. Perhaps he’ll have to travel to Key West to prove himself the crappiest santa in a competition, via some sort of ’80s-style road-trip movie? Or maybe it will transform into a Rob Zombie-esque horror film, as the low-class denizens of the world in which he travels force him through a torturous night of unspeakable evil. Until we get a full-length trailer, both are equally plausible. But neither is as likely as another movie full of crude jokes and simple pleasures.

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