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It's getting closer and closer to the new millennium, and the ever-multiplying vampires are preparing to take over the earth by solidifying their financial holdings, buying lots of urban real estate, and opening trendy vampires-only dance clubs. It's a good thing the humans have Wesley Snipes, a sort of daylight-immune half-breed who possesses vampire strength, speed, and senses, handicapped only by his need for a special thirst-for-human-blood-inhibiting serum and an apparent absence of human facial or vocal expression. A very, very fit Snipes does an exceptionally athletic job of shooting, chopping, burning, and capoeira-ing dozens of vampires in time with a thundering electronic soundtrack while hunting Stephen Dorff, a lowly working-class vampire who wants to move up in the world by summoning the Blood God to subjugate humanity once and for all. Helping Snipes stop this vampocalypse are handyman Kris Kristofferson and hematologist N'bushe Wright. Sure, the story is pretty standard, and the dialogue is laughable or worse. But creative cinematography and non-stop, decently choreographed gratuitous violence make watching this comic-book movie—Blade is a minor, almost-forgotten Marvel comic—entertaining. In fact, it's arguably the best comic-book movie of the year.


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