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Blake Lively faces the (love-related) problems with immortality in new trailer for Age Of Adaline

In director Lee Toland Krieger’s Age Of Adaline, Blake Lively plays a woman who has somehow stopped aging. She has been 29 for almost 80 years, and according to the official synopsis, that has caused her to live “a solitary existence” because she doesn’t want to risk letting anyone discover her secret. Unfortunately, she bumps into a handsome man played by Michiel Huisman, and she starts to let down the walls protecting her immortal heart. But wait, it turns out that the handsome man’s father—who is played by Harrison Ford—also used to be a handsome man that was in love with her many years ago. Wacky drama presumably ensues, with most of the action centered around Harrison Ford’s awesome goatee. Also, make sure to stick around after the credits of the trailer above to see the reveal of how Age Of Adaline connects with Age Of Ultron. Spoiler alert: It does not. Age Of Adaline will be in theaters on April 24, and Age Of Ultron will join it a week later.


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