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Bob Odenkirk is a greeting card writer on the run in the Girlfriend’s Day trailer

Pioneering the new genre of greeting card comedy noir, Netflix has released a trailer for Bob Odenkirk’s new dark comedy Girlfriend’s Day. The film sees Odenkirk play a down-on-his luck penner of smarmy odes to mothers, fathers, and all the other standard recipients of Hallmark’s industrially packaged warmth, whose life takes a turn for the surreal when the government announces a greeting card contest for a new holiday, and all the best entrants wind up dead.


Besides the pleasure of Odenkirk as a deadpan, bumfight-loving former romantic, Girlfriend’s Day is stuffed with recognizable comedy names. Andy Richter, June Diane Raphael, Natasha Lyonne, Toby Huss, and even Odenkirk’s old Breaking Bad co-star Steven Michael Quezada all stop by to turn his hapless protagonist’s life into a saccharine-tinged hell. Girlfriend’s Day debuts (of course) on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

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