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Brian Posehn plays against type as a drunk weirdo in the Uncle Nick trailer

For years, Brian Posehn has built a career on being a handsome leading man with a chiseled jaw and an effortless charm, but it looks like he’s going to be playing against that persona for his next film role, which sees him as a weird, mildly off-putting drunk guy. No, but seriously, Brian Posehn plays weird, mildly off-putting guys better than anybody in the business, so it’s comforting to see him lean on that in this trailer for Chris Kasick’s Uncle Nick. Posehn stars as the eponymous uncle, a cranky drunk who shows up at his brother’s house for Christmas and ends up causing some mild havoc. Uncle Nick is executive produced by Errol Morris, and it also features Scott Adsit, Missi Pyle, and Paget Brewster. It’ll be in theaters on December 4.

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