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Bridget Jones’s Baby, the latest installment in what’s turned out to be a trilogy of films about the “patron saint of singletons,” has just birthed its first trailer. We meet the new Bridget (Renee Zellweger), who’s basically the same as the old Bridget—single, under-qualified for her job, and worried about her weight. There is a new twist on that last part, though, as the TV producer learns that the reason she’s struggling to get into her jeans is because she’s pregnant. But who’s the father? Is it her ex, Mark “Arsey” Darcy (Colin Firth), or new flame Jack Qwant (Patrick Dempsey), who witnesses a typical Bridget moment—she face-plants in the mud—but romances her anyway? Because a paternity test would be unseemly (and probably just too practical a move for Bridget), she instead asks her OB/GYN (Emma Thompson) to play along as she experiences her “first” sonogram with both candidates.

Bridget Jones’s Baby is due September 16 in theaters.


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