Back in 2012, comedian Roseanne Barr ran for the presidency of the United States. (Not to ruin the movie you’re about to watch a trailer for, but she ended up coming in sixth.) Four years later—just in time for a political pageant even more ridiculous than the one she participated in, first as a Green Party candidate, and later as the representative for the Peace And Freedom Party—a documentary about Barr’s ostensibly serious run is now ready to come out. Directed by Eric Weinrib—whose longtime collaborator Michael Moore appears in the trailer for the film as a talking head—the movie tracks the meandering rise, fall, and general ambling about of Barr’s political ambitions.

According to said trailer, those seem to have mostly been built around legalizing weed and bringing back the guillotine, with the actress and comedian saying exactly the sorts of things you’d expect Roseanne Barr to say while pretending to run for president. “I’m uniquely qualified to serve the American people, because I was a waitress for 15 years,” for example, or “I’m the only serious comedian in this race.” It’s never been entirely clear how much of Barr’s run was performance art, attention-seeking behavior, an expression of sincere political rage, or a mixture of the three. Hopefully, the full version of Roseanne For President, which hits theaters and VOD services on July 1, will shed a little light on the mystery.