In the fulfillment of a dream launched with Reasonable Doubt, here’s the first trailer for the remake of Annie, the Jay Z-produced ode to everyone who’s just out there on their grind of being adorable, so billionaires will adopt them. Jamie Foxx stars as said billionaire—a character we previously knew as “Benjamin Stacks,” but who here seems to be called “Will Stacks,” in what qualifies as restraint among the hip-hop beat-layered renditions of the musical’s classic songs. Quvenzhané Wallis stars as the little orphan girl who’s openly vying for this billionaire named Will’s affections, in what probably explains Willow Smith’s refusal to be in this. And finally, the honking, braying, mean streets of New York are played by Cameron Diaz—and if this trailer has 99 problems, she’s arguably all of them. Still, you can’t knock the hustle of Wallis singing “Tomorrow.”