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Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl trailer wants you to pick a side

A lot of nerds tuned in to the Super Bowl (or “Big Game” to your local supermarket) in hopes of seeing some hot new movie trailers in between all of that football, but apparently Marvel decided to give something back to its loyal supporters by premiering the new TV spot for Captain America: Civil War before any real football had even taken place. This quick trailer drops all of the touchy-feely questions about friendship that the last one was concerned with in favor of getting right to the point: It’s time to pick a side, and it’s time to tweet about which you’ve side you’ve picked using the appropriate hashtag. #TeamCap? #TeamIronMan? Just don’t get confused by #TeamBatman and #TeamSuperman, because that’s a whole different movie.

Captain America: Civil War will be in theaters on May 6.


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