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Celebrate Mother’s Day with this timely trailer for Finding Dory

The Finding Nemo universe doesn’t seem like it should lend itself to a Mother’s Day-themed trailer, given the fact that the eponymous clownfish’s mom dies early on in the original movie, but the beauty of sequels is that they can expand a film’s world to allow for all sorts of holiday tie-ins. This trailer for Finding Dory does exactly that, with Ellen DeGeneres’ forgetful fish suddenly remembering that she not only has a mother, but that she misses her mother. It’s pretty on-the-nose as far as trailers released on Mother’s Day go, especially considering the movie doesn’t come out for a month, but today is the day when studios can get away with that sort of thing. If anything, more movies should throw together trailers like this that highlight specific holidays. “This November, celebrate Veterans Day with Marvel’s Doctor Strange!”

Anyway, Finding Dory comes out on June 17.


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