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Channing Tatum and Adam Driver pull a NASCAR heist in this trailer for Logan Lucky

Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s movies were all basically about how cool and charming A-list Hollywood stars are, but this trailer for his new heist movie Logan Lucky looks almost like a direct rejection of all of that George Clooney style. For starters, it centers on two brothers (played by Channing Tatum and a one-armed Adam Driver) who are planning to rob a NASCAR event, the computer whiz is introduced playing Horseshoes with toilet seats, and one member of the crew is played by Seth MacFarlane. But that’s all without even mentioning Daniel Craig’s Joe Bang, the ringer that Tatum and Driver call on to help plan the heist. Craig has spent years playing the effortlessly cool James Bond, but Joe Bang is somehow way cooler than James Bond has ever been, and if Logan Lucky takes off like the Ocean’s series did, he deserves to star in an endless string of sequels and spin-offs.

Logan Lucky will be in theaters in August.

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