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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

We’re still two months out from Charlie Hunnam and James Gray’s new film The Lost City Of Z, weeks that will presumably be spent periodically remembering that the letter in its name is pronounced “zed,” not “zee”. In the meantime, we’ve got a new trailer for the biographical period piece, one that lays out some more details on Hunnam’s character, archaeological hopeful Percy Fawcett.


Where previous trailers focused on Fawcett’s jungle adventures, this one makes the movie’s decade-spanning scope more clear. It also enforces the idea of Fawcett as something of a zealot, sacrificing lives, family, and money in his pursuit of a lost civilization he believes lies hidden in the Amazon. (You should probably avoid Wikipedia if you want to know how that hunt eventually ended up.) It’s definitely a more nuanced portrait of the film than we’ve gotten before, tapping into Hunnam’s Sons Of Anarchy-honed moral ambiguity to sell us on Fawcett’s fanatical belief in his private quest. The Lost City Of Z opens in New York on April 14, and begins expanding into other markets on April 21.

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