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Check out an exclusive trailer for Johnnie To’s dazzling new thriller Three

This past year was a strong one for film. One title that ended up flying under the radar was Three, a dazzling and fantastically entertaining thriller by Johnnie To (Drug War, Election), one of the most confident stylists working anywhere today. Set over six hours in the wards and waiting rooms of Hong Kong hospital, it pits a morally compromised cop (Louis Koo) and an overworked neurosurgeon (Vicki Zhao) against a criminal ringleader (Wallace Chung) who has taken a bullet to the head, but refuses to consent for treatment, stalling for time while his gang plans to break him out. It’s an expertly coordinated chamber piece of action and suspense, executed with virtuosic camerawork, theatrical flair, and a control of color and composition that sets it apart even in To’s impressive body of work.


Those who missed seeing Three in the theater will be happy to learn that the movie will be making its way to digital platforms on March 7 and to Blu-Ray and DVD on April 4. To celebrate that, we’ve got an exclusive new trailer from Well Go USA. See this film the first chance you can.

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